Man Shaves His Wife’s Hair On Their Wedding To Surprise His Mother-In-Law.

Story courtesy of Songbirds Photography via T&T Creative Media

Luna Macapagal, 50, from Auckland, New Zealand was diagnosed in 2020 with stage 4 ovarian cancer who had gone through surgery, chemotherapy as well as radiation treatment and medications to fight the cancer away.

Luna’s daughter Jony, 20 and her then fiance Alistar, 20, did something extraordinary on their wedding day.

The young couple surprised her mom by shaving their heads in support of what she had been going through. The room was filled with mixed emotions of happiness and tears.

A donation page has been opened by the couple where the funds will be raised to a cancer society in their native New Zealand. Jony stated that the response they got was overwhelming since they didn’t expect to receive donations from all over the world. They are extremely grateful for the love and support they received.

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