Man Slammed For Asking Neighbor To Remove Her Ring Doorbell.

We’ve always been told that having excellent neighbors is a blessing. It goes without saying that being a nice neighbor is also a blessing that may contribute to a pleasant neighborhood. Read the article to find out what happened between the two neighbors, and then tell us how you would handle such a scenario.

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I’ve been living in my apartment complex for two years and it’s been wonderful. Recently a young woman moved in across from my apartment. We introduced briefly and apart from the noise made when she was having movers bring in her things, she’s very quiet and polite. However there’s one thing that bothers me. She has a Ring doorbell on her door.

Recently, I saw her leaving and asked her why she had it and that I was worried that she could see me in my apartment. She said she had it for packages and due to no peep holes on the door, and just extra security. She showed me that yes it can see my door a bit but assured me she’s not on her phone all day checking it. I expressed my uncomfortableness and asked her to remove it. She told me she was sorry I was uncomfortable but she was not spying on me and had a right to have one up. She wasn’t breaking her lease and she had seen other people in the complex have one. I told her I don’t care about other people, I want it gone or I will be reporting her.

She told me not to bother and called our property manager regarding it because I got a visit from her asking to leave her and the doorbell situation alone. Am I really out of line for this?

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