Man suffers life-changing burns after running through flames to save two babies – thank you

When Zikhaya Sithole was walking home from the supermarket with a buddy, he was halted in his tracks by the screams of a lady crying.

The 38-year-old from Orange Farm, South Africa, went toward the shouts and saw a mom standing outside her burning home. Her kids were inside, she screamed.

Zikhaya said that’s when he put his hat over his face and raced into the flames.

The shack was on fire, and inside were two one-year-old boys.

He heard the babies weeping when he arrived inside the cabin. He grabbed the child on the bed and hurried out, however the flames were too fierce to go back for the other one, he explained.

It wasn’t until he got home that he discovered he was hurt.

Zikhaya was left with a seriously burned face, sensitive eyes, and wounded hands, preventing him from working as a welder.

However, he never repented going into the hut. He rescued a kid. He wished he could have rescued both of them, he admitted.

Mapaseka Monareng, his partner, claimed she was surprised when he returned home charred, but she phoned his relatives and paramedics while assisting him in taking off his clothing.

Zikhaya Sithole claims he is willing to be harmed in order to save a baby’s life.

She is quite proud of him for what he accomplished, she remarked.

Dr. Convy Baloyi, President of African Covenant, expressed admiration for Zikhaya’s courage.

In a society where males are considered garbage, Zikhaya risked the fire to save children.  They shall accompany him on his rehabilitation path. They don’t have much to contribute, but they’ll try their best to work with him, he added.

A communal initiative has also been made to submit Zikhaya for a Mendi Decoration for Courage award, which is given to persons who have accomplished an amazing act of bravery.

The two boys’ families have subsequently visited Zikhaya to thank him, and contributions have been given locally; there is now a drive to create a global fundraising to assist this guy recover.

This guy went above and beyond, giving his own life to help these infants; as a result of his acts, a child is living today.

He is a great hero who deserves all the assistance he can receive.

Please let me know if you agree.

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