Man Surprises Ex-Girlfriend By Paying Off Her Entire Mortgage To Thank Her For Being A Good Mom.

Co-parenting may not be easy. It may have its struggles however you can still overcome it. It’s the responsibility of both parents to give their child the best life possible so it’s important to keep aside the negative emotions and egos and be there for their child. Here is a wonderful couple who has nailed co-parenting beautifully.

For 7 years Shaun Nyland and Cat were together before they got separated. They have a child named Leo yet the couple being separated have an amazing bond. On her 31st birthday Shaun wanted to surprise his ex girlfriend to appreciate what a great mom she is. He gave her a set of keys saying it’s her birthday and he wants her to have the best birthday ever.

At first Cat assumes it as a joke but when she checked her mails and confirmed she was in total shock. She proudly posted that her ex boyfriend paid off her mortgage.

Shaun shared the surprise video in TikTok which received 5 million views. He posted another video saying the reason behind him doing it was not just for Cat but also their son.

He said his ex-girlfriend gave him the best gift he could ask for their son, Leo, and it must be difficult for Cat and wanted to make sure at least they would have a roof over their head forever. That’s his way of co-parenting.

Kudos to the couple for creating a positive, respectful, loving, caring and happy environment. If you loved what Shaun has done please do share.

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