Man Throws Wife’s Phone In The Pool As She Wasn’t Paying Attention To His Talks.

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Context: We’ve been married for 6 months and dated for 2 and a half years.

My husband (31) hates when I’m talking to him while scrolling through my phone. I’m a multi-task kind of person and so I could focus on doing 2 things at once like checking my Instagram while listening to him. He’d pitch a hissy fit whenever he sees me with the phone in hand.

Recently he has given me an ‘ultimatum’ (he has a nerve LOL) saying next time he sees me using my phone while talking to him the phone would have to go. I thought that was an overboard kind of ultimatum, because it’s not like I’m ignoring him when he’s talking about serious stuff. BUT he just wants me to be 200% listening when he talks about a game or a past trip with his buddies.

Friday, I was in the kitchen scrolling through my phone when he came and sat across from me. He told me to put the phone down. I asked why and whether he had something serious to talk about but he said no, nothing serious and reminded me of what he told me about the phone while talking rule. I was like “pssshh no”. He got up, took it out of my hand and rushed out while I yelled at him asking where he was taking it. He got outside and threw it in the pool while I watched. I couldn’t believe it. I started yelling WTF at him repeatedly.

We got into a huge argument and he decided to get in his car and leave for Starbucks. I was mad. I texted him that what he did was out of line and that I expect him to replace my phone asap. He responded saying he already set one reasonable rule and I violated it and disrespected him and his presence and time.

We had another argument after he got home and I kept insisting on having my phone replaced, he said that I made things get this far by refusing to listen and choosing to be disrespectful. Thankfully I have an old phone I’m using for now but my old phone was a tremendous loss because I paid for it and had to work to buy it. Am I wrong for asking me to buy a phone? 

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