Man tries to molest a woman in an elevator – has no idea she’s about to teach him a lesson

The world is a perilous place. Sex offences frequently target women. Fortunately, the woman in this video had acquired some good self-defense techniques.

When a pervert spotted a woman approaching an elevator one night, he believed he had found the ideal chance. He dashed up to the elevator doors and sneaked in.

The woman seemed at ease. But she was actually preparing herself. She had observed that the man was staring at her as she approached the elevator. She couldn’t be certain, but she believed he was going to do anything other than travel to another floor when he got into the elevator.

The man stood behind the woman. He then got too close to her. He rested his cheek against her shoulder. The woman took a step back, sure she was in trouble.

She’d already begun filming herself on her phone. She thought it would be enough to put the pervert off. But he began to approach her again.

So she hung up the phone and was ready to defend herself. The man put his arm over the woman’s shoulders.

She appeared to be about to smack the arm away. She rather elbowed the man. This was unexpected by the man. And he stumbled back as a result of the woman’s elbow.

He was still stunned when the woman turned around and smacked him across the face with a right punch. In anguish, the man gripped his face. The woman kicked the man in the testicles with her hands away from his body.

In anguish, the guy moved forward. So the woman took his head and slammed it against her knee. The man tumbled to the ground this time. He was begging for the thrashing to stop.

The elevator then came to a halt on the woman’s floor. She strolled away, as if nothing had occurred.

A camera in the elevator filmed the whole chain of actions, unknowing to the woman or the pervert. It first emerged on the internet, where it quickly became popular. The video has received over 2.3 million views to date. It also had a majority of responses applauding the woman’s demeanour. 

The remarks are amusing, but the scenario might have gone out very badly. The fact is that sexual assault against women occurs all throughout the world. All societies must take it far more seriously.

One of the most serious issues is that several sex offences go undetected. It’s difficult to say how many of these offences go unreported. However, some estimate it to be between 67 and 84 percent.

One explanation for this is since the vast majority of these cases go unpunished. Roughly 0.7 percent of rapes and attempted rapes in the United States result in a criminal conviction for the offender. The number is likely to be significantly lower in other nations.

It’s fantastic that the woman was able to defend herself in this case. However, it is crucial to recognise that many women are not so fortunate and are doubtful to ever receive justice.

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Mad Kungfu Skills VS Pevert

Self-defense classes really pay off! Surveillance camera catches footage of a woman whopping a guy's butt in the face of sexual harassment in the elevator, although some netizens question the authenticity of the video, but all agree it's a good way to show self defense skills. When the stranger first tried to harass her, she chose to ignore him and moved away from the man. Yet the man didn't get the signal and tried the second time. So the women decided to teach him a tough lesson.

Posted by China Plus Culture on Thursday, 28 April 2016

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