Man Was Bought To Tears How The Restaurant Reacted To His Sick Wife’s Request.

So my wife is in hospice and really does not eat much anymore. A little earlier on in hospice she would get hungry for very specific things that were sometimes odd. One day she says she would like a Chateaubriand (we had shared one on a special night years ago so maybe that was the reason).

We are in “whatever you want” mode so someone googles up a location and I make the call. It’s a very nice restaurant that doesn’t do To Go so I explain the situation. The manager gets on and says it will be ready on 20 minutes.

We arrive and the manager and two other employees have the steak with two soups. I realize this guy must be familiar with Hospice to include the soups when I notice the chef has cut the Chateaubriand into very tiny pieces understanding that’s probably all she could handle and we wouldn’t have quality steak knives at a hospital.

Brought tears to my eyes and one day I will return to this place. I talk it up every chance I get.

She ate like two bites but it was worth it.

Source: Reddit

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