Man Who Lost His Vision Makes Heartbreaking Request.

Volunteers are amazing people. They do something and get no pay for doing it. They DO, however, get the satisfaction of contributing to society in whatever way they can.

Andrew Bailey of London used to LOVE to read. It was one of his favorite things to do. But now, Andrew does not read; hasn’t read anything in the last 18 years, since he was 19. Because now he can’t.

Because now… Andrew is blind. He lost his vision to a degenerative disease. And he so misses picking up a book, opening it up and going on a mental adventure. He misses everything about it.

So his carer posted a note from Andrew in a bookshop window. It read, in part: Reader Wanted…. for blind man living in Nunhead. Since I became unable to read, there has been a huge empty space in my life. I get much pleasure from reading and would love to find somebody to read for me, either once or twice a week. I look forward to every response.”

Andrew’s request Did, indeed, generate some responses. More than 40 of them. So Andrew again is able to enjoy reading… through the eyes of someone else willing to give their time. 

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