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Man’s furious reaction to crying baby on flight has sparked a debate after going viral.

A Southwest Airlines flight to Florida was delayed due to weather and had to be rerouted to Orlando International Airport, but a completely new storm was forming inside the aircraft.

The vibe inside the aircraft wasn’t ideal with everyone locked in their seats and experiencing a very rough journey owing to the weather, and to make matters worse, one guy lost his anger with a baby pretty dramatically.

Mark Grabowski captured the whole episode as the guy cursed and shouted from his seat, causing airline personnel to try to calm him down.

The father continued yelling at staff to ‘shut the baby up’ and pleading with them to do something about the disturbance until a flight attendant decided to call the cops.

“Can you calm the child down, please? I had headphones on. I was sleeping!” The guy yelled from his seat before embarking into a diatribe laced with profanity.”Why is the baby yelling? I’m not screaming. Want me to scream? I’ll f**king scream. Please stop the baby.”

“We are in a f**king tin can with a baby in a f**king echo chamber. If you want to talk to me about being f**king ok. We are not in Florida yet, you cannot do what the f**k you feel like.”

The yelling lasted for some time, with the guy ranting even after the baby’s screams could no longer be heard, and airline personnel ultimately provided the man a clear option.

When the aircraft arrived at Orlando International, the yelling passenger was offered the option of getting off the plane or being forcefully removed after everyone else had left.

The guy was removed off the aircraft by Orlando police, but no arrests were made.

They commend their crew for displaying outstanding professionalism while managing an difficult circumstance, and they apologise to the other customers onboard who had to experience such unacceptable behaviour, a Southwest Airlines representative stated.

The whole episode created a controversy as the video went viral online, with some claiming the passenger was out of order and others praising him for voicing the truth they were afraid to say.


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One individual stated, “I understand his frustration, but he’s a child,” adding that “he made it worse” by shouting even louder himself.

Another stated the guy ‘can’t be serious,’ while a third added ‘this wasn’t the way to handle it,’ despite understanding the anger of the situation.

Some agreed with him that something needed to be done to calm the sobbing infant, with one adding that “everyone on the plane was thinking it, but he was the one to say it,” even if they felt he “said it badly.”

Another passenger recalled the man’s response of ‘so is the baby’ when people informed him ‘you’re shouting’ and stated ‘he got y’all there’.

Others asked whether the flight attendants should have done more to calm the infant down, given that being trapped inside a gigantic metal bee with a sobbing youngster isn’t anyone’s idea of fun.

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