Marnie Schulenburg, actress from ‘As the World Turns’ and ‘One Life to Live,’ dies at 37 – rest in peace

Marnie Schulenburg, well known for her appearances on As the World Turns and One Life to Live, has passed away. She was 37 years old.

A spokesman confirmed her death to several news sites. According to Variety, her husband, actor Zack Robidas, declared Schulenburg’s death in a Facebook post.

“Please don’t tell Marnie succumbed to cancer. That is simply not true. “I’ve witnessed her kick cancer in the shins every day since her diagnosis,” he wrote. “She is amazing. We opted to approach her diagnosis with unwavering hope. We simply discussed the future and kept going forward. I’m not sure whether this was correct, but it was all we knew.”

Schulenburg was born on Cape Cod, Massachusetts on May 21, 1984. She attended Barnstable High School in Massachusetts before graduating with a theatrical degree from DeSales University in 2006.

She traveled to New York City shortly after graduating to start a career in acting. In February 2007, she was cast in the role of Alison Stewart on The Young and the Restless. The next month, she appeared on As the World Turns as Alison, and her role stayed on the program until it was terminated in 2010.

She won a Daytime Emmy during the last year of the program, in which she starred in over 300 episodes.

Many years later, she appeared in the revival of One Life to Live. She also appeared in a number of other television series. She had just finished filming a recurring part on Showtime’s City on the Hill’s third season. This summer, the season will premiere.

Schulenburg disclosed in May 2020, just months after giving birth to her daughter Coda, that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Mastitis was first misdiagnosed in her.

“What sort of sick purveyor of my fate granted me the ability of bringing life into this world just to attempt and take my place?” she wondered.

Schulenburg was able to spend Mother’s Day at home with her daughter and husband after being released from the hospital. In an Instagram post, she pondered on what it meant to be a breast cancer mother.

“I know that being there for her is the biggest gift I can offer her, but it seems like settling right now since she’s receiving a half-life version of me.”

Schulenburg died on May 17, only days before her 38th birthday, at a hospital in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

“So here’s to knowing that nothing lasts forever.” To absorb the flaws and understand that the best thing you can do for your kid is to make them feel loved, protected, and supported, just like my mother did for me. Just remember how to breathe without the oxygen mask.”

Marnie, rest in peace. You put up a great fight, and it’s not right that you had to leave this world so soon.

Praying for comfort and peace for her family.

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