Married Man Tells His Girlfriend He’d Rather Marry Someone With Good Values Unlike Her.

My ex-husband and I had what I thought was a dream marriage. We both had high-paying jobs, owned a home and years after trying to get pregnant succeeded 3 years ago and was blessed with my son.

My pregnancy had complications and I was advised to not to move around much and go for a sedentary work which made me quit my job. Naive me thought since husband’s was earning more than enough and we had quite a good nest egg, it would be okay. I always planned to go back to work after the baby was born. Me being at home while he worked changed him. He withdrew more and more and got distant. Anything I had to plan to buy for the baby resulted in a fight.

Our son was born and after 6 months I started working again. He never bonded with the baby. One would think he would have stopped finding faults after I started working again, nope. I offered to go to counseling, he refused. He blindsided me with divorce and told me he just wants to visit the baby one weekend every month and gave the standard he wasn’t in love with me just the life we built.

When bluntly asked if there was someone else, he refused. He agreed to pay 500 in child support every month. Finding no other way, I hired a lawyer who was perplexed at the speed my ex wanted this divorce. I agreed to a legal separation of 6 months following which I sign for uncontested divorce.

What was the karma you ask. Yesterday me and my lawyer received an email from his newest girlfriend with details of at least 2 accounts with close to 5 mil in balance he had hid from me and evidence of their affair. He was sleeping with her when I was pregnant with our baby. She was a co-worker when they started having the affair.

My ex in a fight with her told her last week, he never intended to marry her and if he ever re-marries he will marry someone with “good values” not someone who will sleep with a married man. She had the ultimate revenge on him by sending evidence of their affair to his superiors and his hidden bank accounts to me.

Yeah, I am going after everything he has 50/50. I was finally convincing myself that I wasn’t to blame for being inadequate to him and failing my marriage. I have so many mixed feelings, the woman who helped ruin my marriage is the one who has given me the final closure but at least I am in a healthy mind set to process this.

Source: Reddit

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