Married transgender woman spends $76,000 on surgery – won’t stop until she achieves ‘perfection’

Fulvia, born Fulvio, resides in Alba, Italy. She first realised she was transgender when she was 15 years of age yet she was obliged to keep it a secret due to her strict religious family. Fulvia explained that she is not happy with her ideal figure since it is not perfect. Perfection is something different. 

She even kept her actual identity disguised from Marisa, her wife of 32 years. She was a happily married, loyal husband during the day, however at night she went to gay clubs and dressed in women’s attire in their garage. Fulvia attempted to become the greatest public exaggeration of masculinity by purchasing firearms and luxury automobiles. 

Fulvia couldn’t conceal her actual identity any longer and informed Marisa that she intended to transition 20 years ago. She remarked that Marisa lost it for a second, and it’s not easy to take.

Marisa and she are little more than two sisters today. They live together and quarrel like two normal individuals, not like a couple. 

Fulvia started her transformation and even sought counselling to assist her cope with her new appearance. Her wife and even her two brothers embraced her, but her parents could not accept her for who she was. Fulvia explained she couldn’t accomplish what she wanted to do without Marisa. 

Fulvia persisted with her transformation, spending large amounts of money on surgery, including a £22,000 butt lift. But Fulvia, who no longer works, is struggling to make ends meet and has been compelled to sell her firearms, vehicles, and property in France. People laughed at her while she resided in the northern Italian town of Peveragno. 

Everybody has the freedom to choose how they want to appear. Cosmetic surgery is not without hazards, and some patients who are disappointed with their results may want more treatments, which can lead to a dangerous downward spiral. 

Fulvia, on the other hand, does not see it that way. “While plastic surgery is not a drug, it is something that individuals like me require.” “I’m not content with my face and other aspects of my body,” she admits, adding, “but I’m not going to stop here; I need to keep going because it’s not ideal.” If I achieve perfection, I may decide to call it a day.” 

If you watch the video, you’ll see how Fulvia looked before her metamorphosis, and it’s quite incredible to see her before all of the surgeries and injections. It’s difficult to believe they’re the same individual! 

Everyone has the right to be at ease in their own skin, no matter what it takes. What are your thoughts on Fulvia’s amount of surgeries?

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