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Martha Stewart’s Cat Killed By Her 4 Dogs In Freak Attack.

Princess Peony, Martha Stewart’s cat, has died. Her ninth life ended abruptly at the paws of Martha’s four dogs, who mistaken her for a renegade danger and slaughtered her. 

Martha broke the news on Sunday… Princess Peony perished as a result of a mistaken identity. Her caption on social media stated, “Burial of the lovely and quirky Princess Peony. The four dogs confused her for an intruder and slaughtered her helpless tiny self. I’m going to miss her terribly. Beauty, rest in peace.” 

Fans and friends reacted to the post, including Kris Jenner and Ellen Pompeo, and wished Martha the best. 

In commemoration, she subsequently uploaded a photo of PP… Martha describes her kitty companion as a dominating calico Persian who turned 12 last year. 

There were warning signals for Martha and Princess: Martha mentioned her cats being terrified of her dogs in August, tweeting.. that her kitties are feeling emancipated now that the four dogs are on a holiday. Leaving the cats alone in the house to explore, relax, and recuperate! 

Still, there is a curiosity how her pups mistook a not-so-large house cat – with whom they’d been living for several years – for a human invader. 

Martha has always been an animal lover, and she once had 25 dogs and 20 cats. She also co-hosted the Puppy Bowl with Snoop Dogg in February and has spoken out frequently about her ranch, which is home to a variety of creatures such as horses, canaries, peacocks, and goats. Princess P, rest in peace.

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