Massive 40-Person Brawl Breaks Out At Pennsylvania Golden Corral Over Steak Shortage In Surreal Video.

Patience is vital in one’s life. Being patient is not easy. When facing a negative event instead of reacting violently just ignore and stay calm. Violence will lead us to nowhere.

At the Golden Corral restaurant in Bensalem, Pennsylvania there was nothing ‘golden’ instead all ruckus on a Friday night. A huge crowd of 40 people had a nasty fight in the dining room of the famous all-you-can-eat buffet franchise.

It is assumed that the fight which saw tables and chairs being thrown was when the buffet ran out of steak. The Bensalem police stated that only a few customers had an argument but when the fight increased around 40 people got involved.

The shocking video was uploaded by RawNews1st on their Twitter account which has been seen over 600 thousand times. At the start of the video, at the entrance to the buffet, customers were enclosed when suddenly a chair was lifted and turned the atmosphere into turmoil.

Even when possible danger of a chair or table was being directly thrown at the restaurant’s employees, they were doing their best to overcome the circumstance. Hats off to the employees.

While all the shouting and fighting was happening from the angry customers, a shocked diner could be heard saying “All I wanted was some steak!”

A former employee at the Bensalem Golden Corral, Dylan Becker stated that he had never seen anything like this while he worked there. He was told by a current staff at the restaurant that the steak shortage had created this inappropriate situation.

Meanwhile, seeing the video, Bensalem locals expressed the wrong behaviour of the customers. A woman said, “Disgusted that people would even do that in a public place when there’s children around.”

Another woman said, “No respect for anything. No respect for people or for people or property or anything.”

A man stated, “Our community should be safe for families.”

Twitter viewers were fast to share their disbelief on how anyone would react in such a violent manner for the steak at Golden Corral.

The Bensalem Golden Corral haven’t spoken of the matter or confirmed what started the fight, however, JK Hospitality the franchise’s owner stated, “Thankfully, no serious injuries have been reported. The safety of our guests and co-workers is our top priority.”

The Bensalem police are investigating who started the nasty fight. That individual or individuals would be facing multiple charges including assault too.

I believe whether there was plenty of steak or not one should learn to control their anger and stay calm. Watch the video and let us know what your opinion is on this matter. 

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