McDonald’s sorry as girl, 3, left in floods of tears when party was ruined.

Just Eat and McDonald’s have expressed regret after a birthday celebration for a girl, 3, was tumbledown. Mamara Beardmore was forced to direct kids’ home from her daughter’s bash without serving them food.

Mamara has made food order worth £48 from a Staffordshire branch but it failed to show up. This leaves her daughter, Ebony-Grace Lawrence in floods of tears.

Mamara rang McDonald’s after being said by Just Eat that her order had been supplied. The fast food giant said her to go straight to the outlet to collect her order but Mamara doesn’t drive and couldn’t get a cab.

She then sent her father to get the foodstuff for the kids’ party but she was told that her father had to pay for the whole order for a second time. She told them that she had paid for her food and had not received them and that she had kids waiting for foodstuff and clarified that it was her daughter’s birthday party.

The outlet said that they could get the meals if she came down and pick up the order. Her dad said that he would get them so Mamara ring out the restaurant to let them know that she had sent somebody to get it.

But the restaurant turned around and said they had to pay for a fresh order and then they would throw in some add-ons as well.

Furious mother added that she had hungry children and her daughter telling her that her birthday party was tumbledown and then the restaurant was telling Mamara that she required to pay all over again else she wasn’t getting the food.

Mamara further said that she was on a tight budget so there is no way she was disbursing additional £48 for fresh meals. She was annoyed, upset and it took 40 minutes to tranquil her daughter. It was her daughter’s birthday and Mamara had her crying since she kept telling her that she sought McDonald’s.

Mamara believe McDonald’s handled it awfully. She said that due to their failure, the other children went home hungry and it was painful clarifying that to their parents. She added that being a solo parent and with the price of living going up, it wasn’t money she could give away like that.

Just Eat said that they constantly want their patrons to have a good experience when ordering their foodstuff online. Every time a client is unhappy with their order, they will every time take steps to address this. They said that they are regretful to hear that in this case the client’s experience fell below the high criteria that they wish to deliver. They established that they have by now sort out a refund for the client and they are examining what take place with that order.

A representative from McDonald’s said that they fixed high principles and are apologetic that on this time, those values were not met. The outlet further added that as soon as the client taken this to their attention, they express regret and clarified that the client should contact Just Eat to help find a way out. Their customer facilities squad has offered £20 in coupons as a sign of kindness which has been acknowledged and McDonald’s recognize Just Eat has reimbursed the entire price of the meal.

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