McDonald’s worker goes viral for kicking ‘difficult’ customer out of drive-thru

Someone wasn’t loving it.

A video showing a McDonald’s worker throwing a customer out of the drive-thru became popular on TikTok.

The user, @ghettogaragebuildss, posted a video of a worker informing a client harshly that she and her staff are finished recreating his drink.

The video included 2 parts: a 37-second version and a six-second version, which was seen 6.2 million times. The TikTok account seemed to be deactivated on Friday, and it is unknown when it was removed.

Viewers may hear what the issue was in the lengthier version when she points to his iced coffee and says, “It’s all on the bottom, see?” Go to a different store now. We will no longer serve you.” She then shuts her window to assist the individual in front of her.

In the film, it seems that the customer was dissatisfied with his drink and inquires as to why McDonald’s declines to continue serving him.

The employee answered that since every time they prepare his drink, it’s incorrect. They clearly cannot please him the first time, and they have given up trying. So, get out of the drive-thru as the customer drives away.

The video concludes with the worker saying that these people called her staff disgusting names. The two TikToks have over 700,000 likes and over 10,000 comments, many of which appear to support the worker.

“I like her; she’s no longer McHaving it!” “Come on, customers, it’s just fast food,” one guy said.

Some of the commentators have worked in the service business and voiced their displeasure with the demands placed on those who serve them.

“This isn’t a gourmet coffee shop; it’s a McDonald’s.” “People are definitely demanding more for less,” one observer observed.

“With their entitled conduct, customers act as if they’re paying for cashiers’ insurance.” “Keep going,” said another.

According to one commentator, the worker earned a raise and a promotion.

One caller even stated to be her former coworker and expressed her love and support.

“She’s incredible. Before leaving McDonald’s, I worked with her for 8 years. She’s the general manager of that facility,” the source claimed.

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