Meet The Woman Employed By The Greatest Company.

Story by Stephanie Hanrahan

Mamas, I want you to know this:⁣⁣

I see the work you’re doing in raising these children and it is the hardest, most undervalued kind of work.⁣

I want you to know that no one else was considered for this job. You were always qualified for this child.⁣⁣

You are a sacrificial and serving mom.⁣⁣ You are a woman who is giving up a few years of her life to guarantee another human has the best years of theirs.⁣⁣

You are creating memories, even on the mundane days.⁣⁣ You are providing the consistency that all children deserve.⁣⁣

You are teaching them that it’s great to have the best day ever, but it’s more realistic to not. So even in your flops and failures they are learning the invaluable lesson of resilience.⁣⁣

You are a chef, chauffeur, social event coordinator, speech developer, housekeeper, counselor, toy fixer/finder, nurse, librarian, physical education teacher, leader, mother and friend.⁣⁣

You are employed by the greatest company: Your child.⁣⁣

You won’t enjoy every minute, and that’s okay, no job is without its setbacks. But one day you’ll look up and you’ll have a bit more of your life back. Your meals will be warm, your clothes unstained.⁣⁣

And you’ll remember, the years you spent pouring into another person never went unnoticed.⁣⁣

If they can’t say it right now, I will:⁣⁣ You are a good, good mother⁣.⁣

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