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Meg Ryan Reveals Her 9 Yr Marriage With Dennis Quaid Was Very “Painful” As He Cheated On Her “For A Long Time”

Being unfaithful in a relationship may dissolve trust between partners and disrupt both sides’ mental and emotional well-being. Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid had a wonderful relationship. Their marriage ended in one of Hollywood’s ugliest divorces.

Ryan and Quaid first met on the set of the film Innerspace in 1987. Yet, the pair only began dating in 1988. After only three years together, the pair chose to get married in 1991. They welcomed their son Jack a year later. Their marriage, though, was not going well. Ryan’s romance with Russell Crowe was revealed nine years after the wedding, leading to their divorce in 2000.

The media blamed the actress from Sleepless in Seattle for the marriage’s demise. As a result, Ryan faded from public view for a while, speaking mainly about the divorce in 2006. The actress revealed on The Oprah Show that the tabloids portrayed her sad divorce in black and white. She said she did not leave her marriage because of Russell Crowe. Her marriage was failing.

Years later, in an interview in October 2000, Ryan said that her relationship with Quaid had reached a breaking point. She told that she was not the cause of her marriage’s demise. It was an excellent narrative. But what wasn’t in the article was the reality of her nine-year marriage. Dennis was unfaithful to her for a long period, which was excruciatingly unpleasant. She learned more about it after she divorced, the actress stated.

The actress went on to argue that her refusal to handle her ex-husband’s betrayal made her appear like the villain and harmed her public image. But now that she thinks about it, she admits it was a painful time in her life.

Despite the fact that her divorce was heavily publicized, Ryan wanted to concentrate on her personal life and her kid. She even adopted a baby daughter in 2006. She even returned to Hollywood by appearing in The Women, a comedy.

Ryan has mostly kept out of the spotlight since then. Her public appearances are becoming increasingly uncommon. She was last spotted grocery shopping in Manhattan, New York.

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