Megan Fox Confirms She And MGK Drink Each Other’s Blood ‘For Ritual Purposes’

Megan Fox has affirmed that she and her life partner, Machine Gun Kelly, ceremonially drank one other’s blood.

During an interview, the actress was questioned whether she was kidding when she said on Instagram that the pair drank each other’s blood. She stated to the newspaper that she thinks drinking each other’s blood may mislead individuals, or individuals may imagine them with goblets, drinking each other’s blood, like in Game of Thrones. It’s only a few drips, but they do ingest each other’s blood for ritual purposes on occasion.

In her words, “I’m a lot more in control. I read tarot cards, study astrology, and engage in other esoteric activities and meditations. And I do ceremonies on new and full moons, among other things. As a result, when I do anything, it’s for a passage or for a cause. And it’s regulated in the sense that it’s like, ‘Let’s each lose a few drops of blood and drink it.’ He’s much more unplanned, frantic, and chaotic, to the point that he’s prepared to slash his chest open with shattered glass and say, ‘Take my soul.'”

She then acted out MGK ripping his chest out, as per the magazine. When confronted with skepticism, Fox explained that it doesn’t not happen. In her words, “let me explain. Perhaps not exactly like that, but something similar has happened many times.”

Below, you can see MGK’s proposal and read Fox’s blood-drinking Instagram post:

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