Meghan Markle Is Often Compared To Grace Kelly — Main Similarities & Differences Between The Two

At times, the story of Meghan Markle’s can seem like a fairy-tale. A well-known actress comes across a prince and they get married and start a family.

Most famous for her character as Rachel Zane in “Suits,” in which she acted for seven seasons out of the over-all nine, Markle also had a widespread line of business besides acting, which comprised of everything from style to calligraphy and even being a lifestyle influencer. Ever since it was established that she and Prince Harry were tied up, Markle declared her withdrawal from acting in order to emphasis on being a permanent royal family member.

While Markle’s story is without doubt a fairy-tale romance of our age, but she is not the first lady to lead such a life.

 Grace Kelly, the 1950s American actress had a very alike story. Regarded as one of Hollywood’s greats, Kelly had an extremely small career for a movie star, functioning for merely six years. Nevertheless, she was appropriately creative during that time, performing in over a dozen flicks and winning Golden Globe and Academy Award.

After ruling Hollywood in her small acting career, Kelly encountered Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1955 at the Cannes Film Festival. It was love at first sight as she swept off her feet by the charismatic prince, Kelly picked love as a replacement for her career. She left Hollywood and turn out to be Princess of Monaco.

Although Markle has only been a member of royal family merely for a few years, the likenesses between her and Kelly are clear. Let’s see in what ways the two are alike as well as dissimilar. 

Both of them were celebrated American actresses who met real princes and their affairs also taking place as short-lived passions that advanced rapidly. 

While appearing the Cannes Film Festival in 1955, Kelly was questioned by Hollywood actress Olivia de Havilland if she would mind meeting Prince Rainier III, Kelly said that she would, on condition that MGM, her film studio, permitted of the get-together in the course of a work tour. After a chain of misadventures, Kelly come across the prince in his palace in Monaco and the rest as they say is history.

Markle also come across to her prince on an unplanned time. After being acquainted with by a common pal, the duo opened up about how their first get-together went during their engagement interview. Prince Harry responded when questioned at what point he knew that she was the one, he said the very first time they met.

They both left Hollywood behind In search of love.

Kelly’s acting profession was notably small, but in that time she’d by now accomplished to make a enormous imprint on Hollywood, as well as win an Oscar for her performance in “The Country Girl.” Some may say that Kelly had already touched the best of her acting career in that small time, so possibly it was at ease for her to say ta-ta to the charm of Hollywood, which she did in April 1956 after getting married to Prince Rainier.  

Not only did Kelly left the movie business, she also left America and moved to Rainier’s home of Monaco, which is located on the French Riviera on the Mediterranean Sea. Here, the regal duo had their three children.

Although Markle had not once nominated for an Oscar, she had erected herself a rock-solid career in Hollywood, remarkably for her part in “Suits,” as well as a number of Hallmark cinemas. After becoming tied up to Harry, Markle quit her acting profession to turn out to be a permanent working royal.

Markle, just like Kelly, also grow into a mother shortly after get hitched with her prince, with Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor born in May 2019 and Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor born in June 2021.

One variance amongst Kelly and Markle is that the latter didn’t stay a functioning royal for extended period of time, with her and Harry declaring in 2020 of their wish to stay away from royal duties. Though, their circumstances were unalike, with Rainier raising the throne, while Harry was only in the line of succession and not estimated to become monarch. 

An additional resemblance between the two past actresses is their devotion to charitable grounds. Kelly was a supporter of children’s rights and even functioned as the president of the Red Cross in Monaco. 

Kelly and Markle are also famous for their immaculate intellect of elegance. Kelly was a style icon from her Hollywood days, as she constantly seemed impeccably dressed in stunning gowns. She sustained her love of fashion by putting on indigenous Monaco stylists when she was a royalty.

In the meantime, Markle started a charity association with Harry called Archewell Foundation, while her generous effort has been apparent even before she turn out to be a royal.

Markle is famous for her chic fashions, she has even experimented in fashion design and used her previous blog The Tig to show off her boundless sense of taste. Ever since turning out to be a royal, Markle’s attires have set fashions themselves, as she continuously looks fabulous.

Markle, now established in Montecito, California, be at variance from Kelly in that she moved back to the United States after spending some years out of the country, but then, the two are more similar than they’re dissimilar.

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