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Meghan Markle is worried that the Queen’s death will take her out of the limelight for a few days.

Meghan Markle, model, TV personality, fashion designer, podcaster, and princess-in-law, took aim at Queen Elizabeth II’s “timed” grave sickness as another aristocratic effort to keep her out of the limelight for a few days in the newest edition of her podcast Narcissists.

Queen Elizabeth II has declined to comment on Markle’s serious allegations, citing reasons such as her being a near-centurion on the verge of a sad death.

It’s very Queen-like of her to do a trick like this, Markle remarked in the fourth edition of her podcast, in which she interviews a mirror. She’s had her eye on Markle since she married what’s-his-name. She  bet the queen dies only to get her out of the spotlight this week. How self-centered is that?

Queen Elizabeth II, noted for her sense of duty and commitment to a life of service, was said to have scarcely acknowledged Markle’s presence as she lay unconscious at the age of 96, surrounded by close relatives.

Meghan Markle had just released a new episode of Narcissists in which she claimed Prince Charles’ coronation was an overt act of racism and misogyny toward her.

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