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Meghan Was ‘Taken Aback’ by ‘Icy Stare’ of Kate Who Appeared to ‘Look through Her,’ Body Language Expert Claims

Prince William and Princess Kate invited Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Windsor Castle to look at the compliments left by mourners after the demise of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, 2022.

Both duos marched together and appeared pleased in each other’s company in spite of the conflict amongst them. It is said that even as they finished their walk, a sense of closeness continued.

It is believed that each couples had a specific dynamic in which they functioned. Prince Harry and Meghan being loving and at the same time, Prince William and Princess Kate were reserved.

Though, the communication amongst the couple’s spouses on the day was uncooperative as the two barely intermingled with one another and Princess Kate appeared to check Meghan out completely.

Katia Loisel, a body language proficient, said that Meghan seemed uncomfortable at the get-together. This was for the reason that of a communication that she had with Princess Kate.  

When the duos arrived at Windsor for the occasion, instead of welcoming Meghan, Princess Kate received her with an icy stare, which triggered Meghan to feel not so comfortable. Princess Kate appeared unwilling to intermingle with Meghan.

Loisel said that the indications that Princess Kate was trying to freeze Meghan out were clearly visible as she evaded eye contact with her sister-in-law and barely recognized her throughout their visit to Windsor Castle.

Loisel further added that there were numerous occasions when Meghan saw at Princess Kate, but the looks were hardly ever repaid. Loisel said that, rather, Kate seemed to look through Meghan, signifying basic stiffness among them.

Loisel then clarified the stare instant, saying that Princess Kate watched Meghan with a fixed stare and beaten lips. Loisel stated that Meghan walked sideways, rotating her body away from Princess Kate.

Loisel further described that after the interface, Meghan positioned her hand across her body in what is recognized as a defensive posture. This supposedly displayed that Meghan was indeterminate about her surrounds and communications with Princess Kate.

Loisel stated that Meghan was feeling uncomfortable and Harry was there for her the whole period. Loisel added that Harry’s body language displayed that he supported Meghan as much as she was supporting him.

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