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Meghan Wearing A ‘Recording Device’ Underneath Her Dress At Queen Memorial-Wild Theory

‘Insane’ and ‘destructive’ social media rumours that Meghan Markle wore a microphone on her historic Windsor walkabout with Harry, William, and Kate were refuted today by a source close to her.

Due to a small rectangular blemish on the waist of the Duchess of Sussex’s modest black gown, the startling allegation was widely circulated on Twitter.

Her detractors speculated that she was wearing a microphone because of the couple’s $100 million arrangement with Netflix.

A pal of the former Suits star similarly ignored it, despite a response online from her admirers who argued it was plainly only a series of little wrinkles around her waist.

This is crazy and genuinely hurtful to her. Obviously, she wasn’t wearing a microphone, a person close to Meghan stated.

One Twitter user noted, ‘It’s actually a wrinkle on her garment.’ To some who thought she was carrying a recording device, pager, or microphone, another remarked, ‘You guys are pitiful.’

Many people assumed Meghan was wearing a microphone because of a rectangular seam on the waist of her black gown.

‘What is Meghan concealing beneath her dress?’ one person wondered on Twitter.

‘The waist shape seems like a mic pack,’ said another.

Others speculated that she was filming the scene for her upcoming Netflix documentary.

‘Is Meghan Markle wearing a microphone in order to exploit the Queen’s death for her Netflix reality show?’ one of them tweeted

‘Meghan was wearing some type of gadget, the square form of which could be seen during the walkabout. ‘Most likely for recording reasons,’ added another.

Others challenged the ‘crazy’ allegations, speculating that it may have been a medical gadget rather.

‘I have a Continuous Glucose Monitor, and my sensor has the same rectangle form,’ one person explained.

Others speculated that it may be a belt worn beneath the dress or the way the dress crumpled when moved in certain positions.

‘It’s simply wrinkles in the garment,’ one person wrote.

‘Perhaps she wears her belt on the inside, and that’s where the buckle is.’ I frequently wear my belt on the inside, with the buckle somewhat off-center. ‘I’m sure many people do,’ said another.

Another speculated that it was a ‘pager’ to connect with her workers.

Meghan had a largely positive welcome from the audience as she made her way down the line of adoring fans outside Windsor Castle, shaking hands and conversing with the crowds of people waiting to see the royals.

The walkabout was the first time Prince Harry and Meghan were seen publicly together with Prince William and Kate since March 2020, and it signaled an unexpected warming between the brothers and their spouses.

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