Midwife Laughed About My Baby’s Name To The Woman In The Next Bed.

Some people go down the old-fashioned way when selecting a baby’s name and while others like to pick something rarer. And while we can’t expect everyone to like our choice, a midwife should at least act professional when she hears a baby name they are not fond of.

But for one pregnant woman in the UK, an already frightening experience in hospital was made even worse when she heard a midwife insulting her yet to be born son’s name.

A British mother, Ebony recently took to her TikTok account to send a message to the midwife.

As a video played of her looking at the screen, she mentioned as – “To the midwife who went awkwardly quiet when I told her what my baby was called and then went and laughed about it to the woman in the next bed to me!”

She uploaded video with the comment, “She was called Karen”. It has so far been viewed more than 70,000 times.

Ebony explained in additional video that she and her partner initially picked another name for their unborn son in a hurry because they wanted to include it on cards to their respective parents to reveal the gender.

She said they decided on “Arthur”. She said that Arthur is a nice name but she decided that she did not really like it as she wanted somewhat a bit more unique that not many people are called. She didn’t think it went with Beau very well, mentioning to their one-year-old son.

She said while she never envisioned to have matching baby names or have names that started with the same letter, she saw the name Bleu on a baby app and was fascinated and she fell in love with it.

So they decided to call him Bleu. She said that it is a French name which went without a glitch with Beau, which is also a French name and they though that it fit in really well.

The majority of commenters loved the name. Even those who did not liked it, said that she would have complained about the midwife’s rude behaviour. Some of the commenters were of the opinion that the midwife was unprofessional.

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