Mike Tyson Says Michael Jackson Was a ‘Player,’ Feeble Demeanor Was an Act.

Mike Tyson recently spoke with podcaster T.I’s expediTIously about the first time he met Michael Jackson and how their connection grew after the music icon blanked him.

Tyson pointed out Mike is fascinating. He met Mike one day which he believes was at a concert in Cleveland, and Tyson was with Don King. So it’s him and Don. Tyson is the champ and everything, he did all this s–t without a doubt. So Don goes and gives Michael Jackson the ‘peace’ sign, as shown below. And then Michael gives Don the peace sign, and Tyson gives Michael the peace sign, and Michael lowers his hand. ‘Did he play me?’ Tyson wondered. He didn’t play Tyson, he just didn’t notice.

He knew Michael didn’t play him, cause Tyson knows he is the champ. Tyson remarked Michael broke his inner self, he smashed Tyson. Tyson stated no, he is simply a fan and it’s a pleasure to meet Michael sir. Michael said, ‘Alright’, and afterward he got out and went in the vehicleTyson despised his guts everlastingly. Each time Michael Jackson’s name came, he said ‘F^&* that mother f^&$r’, and various things and various things … “
Yet, Michael Jackson welcomed him to “hang out”…

Tyson said got on a plane, went around there, hung out, and they recently began hanging out together.

Furthermore, he said ‘F$%^ man, Michael is a hero, however to Tyson, he said ‘Why’d you play me however, Mike, why’d you play me like that? You knew what My identity was, why’d you play me?”

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