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Missing 3-year-old Mason Henley found dead in pond near his home after chasing ducks – rest in peace

The death of a 3-year-old kid who went missing from his house and was subsequently discovered in a nearby pond has been verified by authorities.

Mason Henley went missing from his house in Beaufort County, South Carolina, on Wednesday and was thought to be chasing ducks, according to sources.

Officers from the Port Royal Police Department were called to complaints of a missing kid about 7:25 p.m. on Wednesday. Mason, they believe, had gone off approximately 40 minutes before they came.

A doorbell camera on a neighbor’s house spotted little Mason chasing ducks near his family’s home, according to sources.

Sadly, the 3-year- old’s body was recovered 15-20 feet from the coast of a pond near his family’s home by a diving team.

Mason’s family is claimed to have moved into the region lately and to have a fenced-in backyard. It’s still unknown how the small youngster was able to escape without adult supervision.

Based on a neighbor who requested anonymity, there are at least ten tiny ponds and lagoons strewn around the Shadow Moss community, which is largely made up of families and local military duty personnel.

Mason’s death has been declared an accidental murder by Beaufort County Coroner David Ott.

We are deeply saddened by Mason’s loss. We see and hear far too many tales of youngsters being engaged in horrific accidents.

It should go without mentioning that no parent can keep their child completely safe all of the time. The world is a hazardous place, and many of the bumps and bruises that a kid may receive are all part of the learning process.

That being stated, we would like you to share this tale as a warning to all parents out there to be as vigilant as possible at all times.

Please share this post on Facebook to show Mason’s parents your love and support at this tough time.

And to warn all other parents about the risks of water.

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