Missouri Teen Sacrifices His Life to Save 4-Year-Old Brother from Drowning in Front of Mom

Alex Harris was swimming in the Missouri River with his younger brother Asher on July 23. Asher became entangled in a powerful current, and Alex went to help him, but unfortunately lost his own life as a result.

Alex’s parents have now talked about the devastating moment they heard their kid crying out for rescue.

He heard Alex shouting for assistance, and his wife and he took off rushing, said the boys’ father, Tyson Harris.

The water was going so quickly. It was unlike anything he’d ever seen before. Alex supported Asher until his mother arrived, at which point he collapsed.

Nikki, Alex’s mother, stated that she saw as his hands slipped and he sank. She was aware of his fatigue.

Asher was saved, but Alex’s corpse was found the next day from the river.

She made every effort to get to him quicker, his distraught mom, Nikki, said.

To the world you was a light in many hearts. To me, you are my world. I’m so proud of you. Always my baby you will…

Posted by Nikki Harris on Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Tyson then shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook, alerting his friends and family- His son Alex died yesterday while protecting his younger sibling from drowning. They would have both died if it hadn’t been for him keeping him awake till his mom arrived. He  loves his son and he wishes he could take his place every second of every day. His son is truly a hero.

My son Alex passed away yesterday saving his little brother in a drowning accident. If it hadn't of been for him…

Posted by Tyson Richard Harris on Sunday, 24 July 2022

Understandably, Alex’s family is in mourning, with his dad claiming he still waits for his son to get in the car every morning before work.

Every morning, they’d travel to work together, a 15-minute commute, and he really looked forward to that.

They’d listen to music and speak about other topics. Every morning, he looks forward to seeing him. He’ll sit here and wait for him for a little while.

Alex worked at his dad’s outfitter business with him and was someone who ‘individuals just enjoyed being around.’

Asher is claimed to be still coming to grips with his brother’s death but hasn’t entirely accepted the fact that he would never see him again.

Since Alex’s death, there has been an outpouring of solidarity, with his football coach telling that Alex was “simply a person who would assist somebody else out.”

The vast influence of what Alex did, who Alex was, will be remembered, even though he’s gone, he continued.

Since the fatal occurrence, the Missouri State Highway Patrol has emphasized the need of using personal flotation devices when traveling on a river or any other body of water that is unexpected.

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