Model, 23, whose partner is 40 YEARS her senior hits back at golddigger claims

A 23-year-old model who is dating a guy 40 years her senior has responded to critics who believe she is simply dating him for his wealth. Willow Sias, 23, of North Carolina, met professional blackjack player and house builder David Simonini, 63, on Tinder in February 2022 and fell ‘completely in love.’

The model claimed that they fell in love within an hour of their first date. He was her sole Tinder date, although they had a speedy supper since she had an interview later that night. She expressed that they are like mirrors. Their energy complements each other quite well, and she finds it incredible that they even eat the same food.

The pair has been open about their affluent lifestyle, including the day David purchased his girlfriend a $175,000 Mercedes as a ‘mid-week present,’ but they have experienced backlash from trolls who believe Willow is a ‘sugar baby.’

Willow dismisses the remarks, claiming that David provides her with the ‘stability and safety’ she requires. She went on to say that, despite their age gap, Willow and David have a lot of hobbies in common, such as often going out for five-star meals or partying. Willow isn’t dating an older man for the first time; she’s previously dated a 42-year-old and a 37-year-old.

She explained that she really dated an older man for a few months [previously], and their age gap was roughly 20 years. She was previously in a relationship with a 42-year-old that lasted around two years. [The first one] was a dream for her, however she liked him so much that she was afraid and ghosted him. She is pleased she did since it brought her to David.

Her last relationship began similarly to this one, but the guy never did what he said he would do. David has maintained his word on everything, which she finds extremely appealing. He makes sure she is taken care of, comfortable, and that she does not require anything – which is really important to her. She requires that kind of consistency and security in her life.

The pair desires to build their own family together in the future and has already talked about having children. Willow claims that her family and friends have accepted her new boyfriend, but other people assume David is her ‘sugar daddy.’ She added that her parents simply adore how happy he’s made her and how kind he is to her.

He just purchased her a Mercedes AMG as a ‘Happy Thursday’ gift, so he truly pampers her- so does her father too. Her father is really glad that she has someone who treats her the way he does. Her friends adore them as well – albeit a few still believe he’s her sugar daddy.

The couple’s romance is documented on TikTok, where they have 17.3 million views and almost 2.2 million likes on one tape. The duo is shown dancing closely together in the video, with David’s hands running across Willow’s body.

@cowboy.and.angel Like Beyoncé said.. drunk in love 🥰🛩 #fypシ #drunkinlove #agegapcouple ♬ Drunk in Love (feat. Jay-Z) – Beyoncé

Trolls, on the other hand, think the duo seems more like “father and daughter” than “partner.” ‘Father-daughter dances are the loveliest thing,’ said one observer. ‘I love witnessing sweet father-daughter connections,’ said another. ‘Awwww such a lovely father,’ commented a third.

Others seemed to be smitten with David. ‘No, because he’s hot,’ wrote one. ‘Wait, he’s so kind, y’all look cute,’ said another. ‘This is the sweetest thing in the world,’ one spectator commented.

Despite the diverse replies, the pair says they aren’t concerned about their age difference and would disregard any harsh remarks. Willow went on to say that she is training him to ignore the remarks as well.

She has been a social media influencer since she was around 12, so she has been there and knows a thing or two. They get a lot of love from the females, however a lot of hate from the guys – they are not sure why, but there’s a clear gap.

She doesn’t care if trolls believe he’s her sugar daddy. She does not know any of these people, and even if she did, they aren’t people whose opinions she values on this subject. It does annoy David at times, so they welcome any positive feedback.

As long as there is love and commitment nothing else matters.

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