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Model Stomps Dog And Goes Free, Fans Deliver Justice After Judge Dropped The Ball.

Keevonna C’Ante Wilson, also known as “The Flawless Beauty,” is one of those horrible people who should never have the honor of having a pet. The nasty dog owner supposedly vents her human frustrations and disappointments by injuring her little pup while no one is looking. Sadly for her, the rest of the world was about to see her true colors.

Animal crimes are especially upsetting for many people since animals often lack both the physical ability to protect themselves and the mental capability to comprehend what is occurring to them. Unfortunately, creatures left in the care of abusive owners have no choice but to face these monsters’ wrath.

Wilson and her Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix, Chastity, entered a lift at a condominium in Miami, Florida. Eventually alone with the dog, the 26-year-old model zeroes in on the scared animal, cornering it before stomping on its head and torso.

Wilson continues to abuse her pet for about a minute as she chases it around the lift, kicking and stomping on it. Lastly, the doors open, and the terrified animal rushes out, panickingly circling the ground outside the doors.

Wilson was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty as a result of the CCTV video, to which she first pleaded not guilty. After being offered a plea bargain to significantly lessen her sentence, the judge sentenced her to four years of probation and ordered her to pay less than $600 in court expenses. But just as Wilson thought she’d gotten away with only a slap on the wrist, the public was determined to deliver justice.

Wilson’s Instagram admirers and detractors flooded her page with comments when a video of her injuring her small puppy appeared on social media, causing her to shut down her money-making account with over 53,000 followers. Wilson has very certainly lost sponsors and sabotaged relationships with beauty and fashion businesses hoping to turn her into an “influencer.”

To say the least, the assault film is distressing. The dog is seen trembling and trying to run from her owner. It’s remarkable she survived being kicked and walked on with such power. It’s also thought that the dog was so traumatized that she urinated inside the lift.

The dog was seized from Wilson after her arrest and treated at Miami-Dade Animal Services, where she got emergency treatment. The dog received serious injuries, according to, including “contusions bilaterally in the abdominal area, contusions bilaterally in the pinnae, and pain upon palpation of the lumbar spine and abdomen.”

Since then, the animal has been put in a loving foster home to begin her recuperation. Wilson, on the other hand, quickly paid her $5,000 bail and resumed her opulent lifestyle. Naturally, thanks to the public, she may get some justice after all.

Wilson will most likely never work as a model or brand ambassador again in an age where anything put on the internet is permanent. Her reputation will be permanently tarnished as the Instagram model who violently mauled a small puppy.

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