Mom And 9-Month-Old Son Found Dead In Hospital Garage After Dropping Grandma Off To See Doctor.

A mother and her nine-month-old infant were discovered dead in a hospital parking garage in Detroit, Michigan, after succumbing to carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Kellye Canty and her nine-month-old baby Kanaan had travelled to Harper Hospital to drop off Kellye’s mom – Kanaan’s grandma – for a doctor’s visit, according to heartbreaking accounts. Kellye intended to stay in the parking garage with the vehicle running, however after her mom’s appointment was over, she was no longer available by phone. 

Kellye’s mom initially phoned her phone, then called Kellye’s partner, DeMarray Canty. He too was unable to reach his wife. 

DeMarray recounted that not too long after that, perhaps an hour and a half later, her mom had called to check whether he had conversed with her since she had been calling her (Kellye Canty), and was prepared to tell her that she was done with the appointment. 

DeMarray explained that he eventually chose to go to the hospital on his own. Her mother and he just said she’s probably still in the parking structure because there wasn’t a signal. As a result, he went down to the hospital. He continued it looked at first that she was asleep, so he just tapped on the window. 

However, he immediately understood that something was amiss. After Kellye and Kanaan had failed to respond to his pleas and pound on the window, he and others in the garage burst through the glass to reach them. 

While the others grabbed his wife, DeMarray drew his son out. “I scooped him up, pressed my face to his, and I’m just rocking him, however his face is cold,” DeMarray explained. 

They quickly started CPR on the mother and son before taking them to the emergency room. Unfortunately, it was past the point of no return. DeMarray explained he walked in with his wife and he’s watching them work on her and there’s nothing they can do. They had already left. 

According to accounts, Kellye and DeMarray bought a secondhand automobile with rear-end damage around a year ago. The pair assumed the damage was minor, but the exhaust system had been weakened and was leaking fumes into the vehicle. 

May the mother-son souls rest in peace. 

It’s impossible to even imagine how much pain he and the rest of his family are going through. May they find comfort and strength to bear this pain. 

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