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Mom Asks If Her Daughter Can Pet Handler’s Service Dogs & Refuses To Hear The Word ‘No’

Megan Stoff brought her service dog, Nala, to a Pittsburgh shopping mall. A lady and her toddler approached Megan outside the shops and asked if they may touch the on-duty golden retriever.

Megan’s answer was revealed in a popular Facebook post. People often inquire, so she just said, “No.” When all the dogs are working, this is her go-to response.

The mom left the room. Megan believed that was the end of it.

A few minutes later, though, the mom returned, still carrying her kid. She was furious that Megan had responded so abruptly. She believed Megan should have answered something along the lines of, “No, I’m sorry, they’re training.”

She also reprimanded Megan for not having “signs” prohibiting people from petting the pets. Despite this, Nala’s vest is covered with service dog patches.

Megan claims that the lady called mall security on her.

Megan commented on Facebook, “So much harassment for just saying no.” “No common sense existed here.”

Observe the contentious encounter for yourself in the video clip.

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