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Mom Attempts To Escape Abusive Husband When Teenage Movers Show Up With Plan To Save Her.

Victims of abusive relationships who seek to leave their situations sometimes feel helpless. It might be difficult to pack their belongings, collect their kids, locate a new place to live, and leave the home before the abuser arrives. Sometimes, the moving expenditures alone might prohibit victims from fleeing at all.

Meathead Movers is a firm formed by two adolescent high school students. Their wonderful California-based moving firm assists domestic violence victims in moving out of their homes for free.

When Aaron and Evan Steed founded Meathead Movers as high school students in 1997, the frantic phone calls from victims trying to leave dangerous domestic abuse circumstances without financial means simply started trickling in, says Caroline Callaway, a representative for the firm.

While living with her teenage daughter and infant, one lady was constantly abused by her ex-boyfriend. Meathead Movers stepped in and transported her, her daughter, and grandchild out of the house before delivering full-size mattresses, a dresser, a dining table, chairs, and even a gorgeous potted plant – all fresh additions to their brand-new home.

Meathead Movers moves domestic violence victims for free

The company, based in San Luis Obispo, California, has helped hundreds of victims over the years. (More:

Posted by True Crime Daily on Monday, January 21, 2019

Meathead Movers is occasionally asked to relocate a victim who is clutching a mug photo of a domestic violence suspect while keeping an eye out. An abuser came home in the middle of a move one day, yelling at the movers and throwing heavy items at them in rage.

Despite the dangers, these courageous and devoted employees remain unafraid. That’s due to the fact that the squad, which is mostly made up of young guys, believes that genuine men don’t attack women; true men aid people in need.

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