Mom clings to hood of her car as female carjacker speeds away with daughter and son

A New Mexico mother was captured on tape hanging to the bonnet of her Hyundai Santa Fe to attempt to prevent a carjacker who had stolen her 11-month-old son and six-year-old autistic daughter.

Melody Maldonado, a 33-year-old librarian from Hobbs, New Mexico, is seen hanging to the front of the automobile as it drives along East Navajo Drive at 8.30 p.m. on Independence Day.

In an exclusive interview, the extremely protective Maldonado stated that she felt no fear as she held onto the racing automobile, pleading for the suspected thief, Regina Castillo, 29, to stop.

The carjacker certainly heard her. The mother yelled for her to stop and informed her that her children were in the car, she explained.

She continued driving. They travelled quite a distance, passing through an intersection and past the Allsup’s. She was swerving in such a way that she would tumble off.

Maldonado was finally flung off the car’s hood, breaking her foot. Despite her injuries, she dashed to a neighbouring convenience shop and asked for aid.

She didn’t give a damn what occurred to the automobile. ‘All she wanted was her kids back.

Bodycam footage from Hobbs Police shows Maldonado informing officers where the car was going and scheming about how to get her children back.

Is she able to locate her phone since her phone is still in the car. She knows where the automobile is, she adds on the tape.

However, Castillo sped through the dusty streets of the New Mexico border town, finally abandoning six-year-old Ma’Rey on a random street. Folks residing nearby discovered her and kept her safe.

She left my kid on the street as she felt they were monitoring her using the phone, she explained.

As officers pursued Castillo, she abandoned the SUV at an intersection, left 11-month-old Mikah inside, and fled on foot.

Bodycam footage from the Hobbs Police Department shows her being chased through a backyard until she was cornered and handcuffed by numerous police.

Maldonado added that she prayed that never occurs again.

According to Maldonado, the entire experience lasted roughly 20 to 30 minutes.

The situation started when Maldonado stopped at Stripes Convenience Store to get a baby bottle for Mikah, leaving children in the van for a minute.

When she couldn’t locate what she was searching for, she returned to her car, however Castillo met her at the exit and walked with her to her car.

Castillo shoved the mom of two aside with the keys and hopped into the Hyundai as soon as she unlocked the driver’s side door.

Maldonado sprang onto the bonnet of the car as Castillo shifted it into reverse, rushing backward and nearly colliding with the gas pumps at the petrol station.

Maldonado explained that the whole time she was beating on the glass, asking her to stop.

Ma’Rey was scared after being left on the street, according to her, but some good Samaritans took care of her and called the cops.

She became concerned only after seeing her mom being carried into an ambulance.

Maldonado admitted that she was a bit shaken up. Her son is too little to speak.

Maldonado received treatment for a broken left foot and a lot of road rash.

The reason Castillo stole the automobile is still unknown. She had three current warrants for failing to show up in court on accusations of hiding her identity, shoplifting, and driving offences at the time of her arrest.

She is scheduled to appear in court again on July 18 in this matter.

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