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Mom & daughter die – then grandma sees something that gives her the chills.

Hannah Simmons, 23, and her closest friend were taking Hannah’s nine-month-old baby, Alannah, to the doctor for a normal checkup.

On the way, Hanna lost control of her automobile and collided with a truck head-on. Hanna died quickly, along with her nine-month-old baby and closest friend.

A witness to the incident contacted 911, but he and the other witnesses quickly realized there wasn’t much they could do.

Meanwhile, Anisa Gannon, 19, was on her way to work when she came upon the accident scene. Since the road was closed, Anisa got out her phone and snapped a photo to inform her employer why she would be late. But it wasn’t until much later that Anisa spotted something in the photograph that she hadn’t seen when she took it.

A dazzling beam of light shoots from the heavens down to the location where the lady and baby perished in the automobile in the image.

Anisa was compelled to present the picture to the victim’s family, who fell to their knees in tears when they saw the beam of light. Tara, Anisa’s aunt, saw the picture as well and informed her niece that it seemed like they were going to paradise.

While some critics believe the light is a reflection from Anisa’s car’s windscreen, the victims’ family have taken solace in it and regard it as proof that Hanna, her nine-month-old baby, and her closest friend have all gone to paradise.

Jodi Simmons, Hanna’s mother, said that she “definitely” felt the vivid visual depicted a “road to paradise.”

When you lose someone you care about, the only thing that can provide you solace and serenity is knowing they’re in a better place. Please share this wonderful tale with others in order to give them hope.

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