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Mom delivers epic rant after forgetting to pack her own clothes on a family trip.

A TikTok video of a mother who failed to pack enough clothes for her trip due to being too busy caring for her kids has gone viral.

‘Moms always suffer,’ Wisconsin resident Amanda Ayala captioned a recent TikTok video describing an argument with her husband, Efrain, during a week-long vacation with their kids, aged 9 and 12. Amanda was seen entering the family vehicle wearing nothing but a towel in the video.

Efrain inquired of his wife that why is everyone else is dressed and she is still in her towel.

Amanda said because she is the mother. And she get everyone else’s s—- together, but not hers. So she arrive to the shower house empty-handed. As a result, here she is.

He took a really pleasant shower, Efrain said. That was pleasant.

Take her home, Amanda answered.

The video, which had 3.4 million views as of Tuesday evening, elicited reactions from mothers who identified with Amanda’s “do it all” situation.

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Amanda says that the video was filmed when her family was on vacation in Kansas.

She brought her girls to a state park’s public baths, and after they were done, she discovered she had packed their pajamas but not mine, she explains. With no one around, she strolled back to the vehicle in her towel.

When Amanda approached the automobile, Efrain thought the scene was “funny,” and turned on his camera.

He couldn’t pass up the chance, she adds. This (situation) exemplifies what women do: we are always last, and she is always last. It’s the type of part we play.

Although Efrain was “chastised” on TikTok for being nasty and “insensitive,” Amanda says their marriage is egalitarian.

They don’t separate homework into male and female roles, she explains. He’s that husband who is like, if one leaves him a list, he will complete it.

The video does not make him a horrible person, she continues. They ‘re simply demonstrating that this is actual life.

Although Efrain may have loved his shower, the video does not show him supervising his daughter’s tooth brushing procedure or putting them to bed.

Amanda mentions that she did prepare her daughter’s baggage, however, Efrain is in charge of his own. The effort it takes a parent to pull together a vacation like that — that’s a lot of labor, she adds.

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