Mom diagnosed with rare eye cancer while pregnant with twins has died – rest in peace.

Jessica Boesmiller was diagnosed with an extremely uncommon eye cancer while expecting twins. The young mother is survived by her 4 kids and a grieving husband.

Jessica Boesmiller was diagnosed with ocular melanoma while pregnant with twins in 2017. Her and her family were taken aback by the diagnosis, but they were determined to fight her illness valiantly.

And Jessica appeared to be on the mend at first. Jessica had two surgeries: one to remove her eye and another to prepare her for a prosthetic eye. The artificial eye improved her confidence and allowed her to live a regular life.

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Jessica was diagnosed with ocular melanoma, which is extremely rare, affecting just five individuals out of one million. However, the disease was unexpectedly discovered in over a dozen people in Jessica’s Huntersville neighborhood.

The large number of cases of a rare cancer grouped in one location has generated tremendous worry for local authorities, who are sponsoring research and advocating for greater funding to assist uncover the source of this increase in ocular melanoma.

Jessica fought cancer heroically for several years before dying to it. Her husband, Mark Bosemiller, who launched a Facebook page to document Jessica’s struggle after her cancer diagnosis, announced her death on Tuesday.

Jessica Boesmiller received her wings, the message said. She died encircled by a house full of adoring families who kept vigil all night.

Jessica was aware of her approaching death, according to Mark, and had embraced it.

Jessica was fully aware of her mortality in the latter weeks of her life and opted to stay at home and spend quality time with her family. She expressed gratitude on Facebook for the precious time she spent with her boys, who taught her how to play chess and entertained her in their own unique ways.

The high prevalence of ocular melanoma in the Huntersville region is a source of worry for both residents and local government. Jessica had stated in a previous interview, they definitely want answers. She herself needs to keep moving and living in order to take care of her children, she had stated.

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For years, researchers have been looking into why this cancer is so prevalent in the Huntersville region, but to no result. The local authorities conducted genetic testing on individuals who were diagnosed, as well as soil testing, but they still have no answers.

Jessica Boesmiller, rest in peace. And please offer a prayer for her family, that they find peace at this difficult time!

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