Mom Drowns In Deep Puddle After Attempting To Drive Through On ATV With Kids.

A Pennsylvania mother-of-two was slain in a horrific ATV mishap that almost killed her children as well. 

Jamie Uchic, 37, was riding an all-terrain vehicle with her husband Steve and their two children down a private property track in Aylesworth Park on Saturday when they came across what they believed was a tiny puddle but was actually 4-5 feet deep. 

Uchic was trapped underwater as the Polaris Ranger fell over. Her husband was able to release his 2 kids but not his wife. 

Because the route was so secluded, it took the trio 45 minutes to trek to get assistance; by then, it was very late. The corpse was removed from the water two hours after rescue teams arrived at 4:30 p.m. The formal cause of death has yet to be determined by authorities. 

“The Uchic family is not your average family,” a GoFundMe page set up to assist the bereaved reads. “They are a family of love, life, and everything fun! They know how to appreciate one another and everything around them, from taking something so basic and laughing with it – to finding brightness in every scenario. Jamie has a lovely soul. She worked in an environment where her needs came last and others came first, always doing her best in any given situation. 

Jamie was a wife to Steve, her other half, who adored her since they were great friends and had so many hobbies. A mother of two beautiful children, Weston and Arya, she has raised them to be such incredible individuals that embody a bit of Jamie. Jamie encircled herself with wonderful individuals that she admired, adored, and considered family.” 

The campaign has raised about $25,000 so far. 

May the family find peace and strength to bear this unimaginable loss and pain.

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