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Mom films special moment her ex-husband proposes to his girlfriend: ‘Welcome to the home team’

A single mother and her ex-husband got together for an unique marriage proposal to welcome a new stepmother into their blended family.

She was able to film her ex-husband proposing to his girlfriend. Very wonderful, commented Leah Bourdo, 39, of Richland, Michigan, on a TikTok video that has over 5 million views.

The video shows Leah’s ex-husband, Steve Bourdo, kneeling in front of his excited girlfriend, Shonda Betz, to propose to her. When the family hugs, Leah and Steve’s kids, Kennedy, 13, and Harper, 11, gift their new stepmom with a bouquet of flowers and a note.

@blinkerthanks I got to video my ex husband propose to his girlfriend…so special❤️ #coparenting #coparentinggoals #coparentingchamps #exhusbandsnewwife #bonusmom @the_shonda.rae @stevebourdo ♬ A thousand years – Zeus

This weekend, she got to be present as her ex-husband proposed to his girlfriend, captioned Leah Bourdo. She is the kind of lady she hoped would enter his life. She is fantastic with their children, and they adore her. Not only does she love their daughters, but she also respects the co-parenting arrangement they put in place for their children. On top of that, she has become a friend, even a member of her family. She adore her to the core of her being. And to my ex, she’d want to thank you for allowing her to be a part of this occasion.

“Welcome to the home team, Shonda,” Leah Bourdo said. She is special to them.

Leah and Steve Bourdo, college sweethearts who married in 2007, needed treatment and time apart to get here.

Their marriage was a living nightmare, says Steve Bourdo, 38. They were young and emotionally immature at the time.”

Leah Bourdo will not disagree. There was a lot of verbal abuse and she was active in her alcohol addiction. They were two best friends who shouldn’t have married in the first place. They didn’t have the passion and connection that one need in a marriage.

In 2016, the former couple formalised their divorce.

The separation was difficult on their kids, who bounced between their family home and Leah Bourdo’s “tiny, grubby” flat, according to her. “That was too much for them.”

When Leah Bourdo worked on her sobriety, Steve and Leah Bourdo banned each other’s phone numbers and spoke through email and Leah Bourdo’s parents for the first four years. The stress was sensed by their daughters.

Steve later remarried, and Leah claims she did not get along with his new wife. Leah and Steve made a breakthrough when their marriage dissolved two years later.

The only way they could make it work is to prioritise their children above their affections for one other, she adds. They managed to forgive each other.

Anytime one dislikes someone, one is simply harming oneself, Steve Bourdo explains.

Leah Bourdo recounts the moment she fell in love with Betz: she and her ex-husband had restricted Kennedy’s mobile phone rights, and at a family meeting-, Leah Bourdo was pleased by Betz’s comments.

Betz, according to the ex-couple, appreciates their unorthodox and changing co-parenting arrangement. They don’t really go by a custody arrangement; they go by what they believe is best, Steve Bourdo says, adding that the girls spend seven days with each family alternately.

The two families carpool for the girls’ athletic activities, assist each other out in crises, and make a “team effort” for school runs despite living just a 6-minute drive away. They make it work, Steve Bourdo explains.

In December, Steve Bourdo purchased an engagement ring. Leah Bourdo asked to bring their girls over to witness the proposal when he and Betz returned from their holiday last week.

She requested that it be filmed. Some have questioned whether Shonda was offended by her presence, but she thanked her for being there, adds Leah Bourdo, who remained out of the video to give the new family room.

He was so caught up in the moment with Shonda and his girls that he sort of forgot about it, Steve Bourdo said of his ex-wife appearance. That came naturally to them.

While the family got some harsh TikTok comments, the majority of viewers admired their views on good divorce.

Betz has asked Leah Bourdo to go wedding dress shopping, despite the fact that Leah Bourdo has said that she would not be attending the wedding.

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