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Mom Finds Out Daycare Employees Lock Her Son as Punishment ‘Like He Was a Dog’

Many communities rely on the childcare business to offer a safe environment for kids to have fun, learn, and connect with one another while their parents are at work. It is intended to be operated by professionals who have the necessary skills and understanding to adequately take care of kids.

Parents at another creche, on the other hand, were shocked to learn of the harsh method they used to discipline misbehaving youngsters. Rather than employing moderate discipline tactics, they chose to separate them from the other kids by locking them behind a fence.

Nobody wants to watch their kid in pain. Parents always want the best for their kids and strive tirelessly to ensure they have the finest life experiences possible.

Parents who have to work often have to leave their kids at daycare centers during the week, trusting that they will be taken care of well by people with experience. However, for one mother, this was not the case.

Sara Gisela Martinez was devastated to find that her kid was being exposed to negative discipline at his creche. Her son is shown wailing behind a closed fence in a video supplied to her by a therapy aide at the facility, while other children can be seen running about outside the barrier.

Martinez was shocked to see that her kid was being treated like an animal in what was intended to be a safe sanctuary for him. “They had him locked up like a dog!” she exclaimed.

The parent was stunned by the seconds-long footage and requested an explanation from the creche. She also decided to take things into her own hands, uploading the video on social media to bring attention to the distressing method employed by the creche to punish her baby.

In the hopes of getting a logical explanation from the creche staff, she was informed that they locked up her kid so “he wouldn’t spread his crying to the other children.” They believed locking up her kid would calm him down since he wouldn’t stop wailing.

This answer did not sit well with the mother, who thought the personnel behaved inhumanely. She got the comfort she needed after publishing the footage on social media and hearing from others who lambasted the creche for how they handled the unfortunate youngster.

Martinez was surprised that when the video went public, additional individuals complained about the same nursery. At least eight other kids were treated similarly by the institution, and they all demanded that the creche be investigated.

It is disheartening to learn that neglect is widespread in many daycares throughout the globe. In another heartbreaking case, a mother went to her 6-month-old son’s creche only to discover him alone, in the dark, after all the staff workers had departed.

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