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Mom Found In Bed With Son, Cops React When They See What’s Next To Them After

An arrest warrant charges an Arkansas woman with trying to kill her young son and herself by overdosing on Xanax tablets.

At 7:23 a.m., Saline County Sheriff’s officers arrived at the residence of Sommer Leann Hyatt, 32, for a welfare check. When they entered the house, they saw the mom on her bed with her small kid.

According to an arrest document, Hyatt seemed “pale in color” and “lethargic,” and she was sluggish to answer. She was discovered laying on her side, facing her sleeping kid in the fetal position.

Cops spoke with Hyatt’s brother and ex-husband at the site at first. Hyatt’s brother informed cops that his sister told him she had approximately 50 bars of Xanax before the cops arrived.

Police believe Hyatt’s kid was also given Xanax when deputies saw he wasn’t acting like himself.

Police arrived and discovered two prescription drug bottles open on the nightstand. The first was designated Alprazolam, and the second Sertraline.

During interrogation, Hyatt allegedly informed a social worker that she wanted to murder herself and her kid. According to the boy’s father and legal guardian, the mom threatened to kill herself twice in the last year.

Hyatt and her kid were both transferred to UAMS Medical Center for treatment. Hyatt was apprehended and was being detained in the Saline County Jail on accusations of tried capital murder, introduction into another’s body, and risking the wellbeing of a kid. She was freed from jail after posting a $100,000 bail.

The baby has since been discharged from the hospital and is recovering from the event.

According to court records, Hyatt was set to appear in Saline County Circuit Court on June 14.

Readers responded to the alarming article by sharing their comments.

“I hope she receives treatment and that her son is with somebody who will safeguard and help him recover from this horrific tragedy,” one reader said.

“I blame the father [and] family for not keeping an eye on her or letting her take the child realising she had previously attempted suicide,” another user wrote.

“Children don’t ask to be born into this world if they can’t handle a situation,” another reader added. “Keep the kids out of it.”

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