Mom Genius Way In Tackling With Her 5 Yr Old Daughter’s Problem.

Source: Reddit

My 5.5 year old daughter has struggled with night training for over 3 years. She picked up potty training for days super quickly but she’s never been able to get the hang of night training. Every few months since she’s been day trained we’d try to have a dry night and she managed it only twice in years. We had anticipated some issues as both my sister and my husband’s sister had struggled with bed wetting for years. We’d tried everything- almost no liquids past mid-afternoon, waking her up multiple times a night to go (and finding her wet) and our doctor didn’t see any developmental or physical issues. It was frustrating for us and even more frustrating for her as she didn’t want to wear pull ups anymore, but we kept encouraging her to try to wake up dry.

Well the past month we have finally gotten it! We didn’t give up this time and we told her we just have to show her body what it’s like to recognize you have to pee in the middle of the night and the more we practiced waking up to go, the more her body would know to do it without us. She’s been waking up dry pretty much every day for about a month now. And this morning she woke up and came out of her room, with a gigantic smile and her face GLOWING and she said “Mom! Did you hear me get up and flush the toilet in the middle of the night? I woke up and went pee in the middle of the night! And I went pee this morning too! My body has learned to wake up!” And she was just so happy and honestly it made me well up a little bit because I know how badly she has wanted to learn this skill. I had to wipe away some tears because the combo of her being ecstatic that she did it all independently and her joy to share the news just made me so thrilled for her.

So if you’re struggling with night training with a kid that’s a bit older, keep going, it will happen!

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