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Mom Goes To Bathroom To Breastfeed Baby, Then Waitress Slips Note To Her Husband.

Jackie Johnson-Smith was having a family supper at an Iowa pizza parlor when she was treated with unexpected generosity.

She stated on Facebook, beside a receipt for the dining bill, that she had nursed three children. She has nursed them in a variety of settings, both good and horrible, both secretly and openly. She has had a lot of glances and stares, but today erases whatever negative she has ever gotten. Tonight was her first time eating at Fongs, and she breastfed her cranky baby in the booth for a time before ultimately leaving the table early so as not to disturb the restaurant.

The waitress presented this receipt to her husband. She was dumbfounded and moved to tears. Although she does not believe she deserves a pat on the back for feeding her kid, it definitely felt good. It’s amazing how empowered women can make each other feel, the message ended.

The message was written by waitress Bodi Kinney, who told that they needed to come together and support each other when it came to nursing their kids.

Jackie’s post received almost 2,000 shares, and many commentators agreed with Kinney.

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