Mom Hides Microphone In Son’s Backpack, Two Teachers Fired The Next Day.

When parents send their kids to school, they want their instructors to treat them as if they were their own kids. That’s why it was especially upsetting for Milissa Davis, a caring mother, to discover that she had been handing over her special-needs kid to his abusers every time she dropped him off at school.

Milissa realized something had occurred to her 12-year-old son Camden, who has severe autism, when he started displaying unexpected behavioral changes. The normally gentle and cuddly youngster had turned angry and started peeing the bed. His perceptive mother felt that his rapid personality shift was due to education. Milissa devised a strategy to conceal a recording device in Camden’s rucksack because he couldn’t articulate what was occurring.

Milissa listened to what Camden had filmed in his class at Hope Academy in Baton Rouge when he got home from school. Her concerns were reinforced by what she heard.

Milissa Davis’ mentally challenged son was berated, mocked, and abused in front of his whole class by the boy’s two special needs instructors.

Milissa was naturally enraged and distressed by what she had heard. Realizing she was in for a struggle, she quickly removed her kid from school and called a lawyer.

After Milissa made the tape public, the school promptly fired the two teachers and issued a statement.

Although the principal claimed that the school was fully ignorant of the issue, lawyer Charlotte McGehee claims that her client had frequently raised her worries with them, only to be disregarded.

Milissa has now moved Camden to another school. She does, though, hope that the Department of Education would adopt a stronger process at Hope Academy to safeguard pupils, particularly special needs kids.

Camden was allegedly performing well at his new school after the transfer, but he was still suffering from the abuse he had at his previous school. Only time will tell if he is able to fully recover from the damage caused by verbal and psychological assault.

Parents must be able to believe that the educators who care for their vulnerable kids will not mistreat them. Worryingly, these risks are growing more widespread in the educational system, making alternative education more enticing by the day.

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