Mom is slammed for piercing her daughter’s ears at just ONE day old

A new mother has been chastised for piercing her baby daughter’s ears after only one day in the hospital, with many parents advising her to wait until the youngster is responsible enough to make her own choice.

The mom, who publishes on TikTok under her daughter’s name – Lara – contrasted a harmless video of her newborn girl only hours after her birth to her now three-month-old daughter.

The beautiful tot was wearing a little flower earring in the film from her first 24 hours on Earth, which elicited a riotous response in the comment thread below.

Others backed the choice, claiming that piercing a young girl’s ears is typical in several traditions.

‘Perhaps it’s just me, but getting my children’s ears pierced was well down my list of concerns on the day they were born,’ one parent added.

‘Wow, another level for me…’ I just don’t get it. And it hurts just as much as it did when they were older! ‘Don’t deceive yourself,’ advised another.

‘Why shouldn’t kids be able to choose whether or not to get their ears pierced?’ said a third. I’m going to let my children determine when they comprehend these concepts.’

While it is unknown where Lara and her mother reside, it is likely that they are not in Australia, given she stated that the neonatologists at the hospital ‘pierced Lara’s ears.’

‘They don’t feel pain like a year or two when they’re 2-3 days old!’ she wrote.

‘The holes are supplied to them at birth by neonatologists (doctors who specialise in infant care).’

The mom stated that because newborns’ ear lobes are softer when they are very young, her little girl would not have felt any serious discomfort, and she ‘didn’t even respond.’

Others acknowledged that piercing young females’ ears as a newborn was typical.

‘In my nation, they pierce infant girls on the first day of their lives,’ one mother responded.

‘I love how her ears are pierced!’ ‘I’d do the same thing,’ replied another.

‘I love the earrings,’ said a third. Congratulations, mother. Forget all the negativity.’

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