Mom left horrified when 15-month-old daughter returns from preschool covered in 25 bite marks

Choosing the best daycare for our children is never an easy task. You want to choose one with the appropriate educational atmosphere and personnel. However, for many parents, it is all about instinct. Eventually, much study is generally necessary.

One mother in Arizona believed she had discovered the ideal environment for her kid and was content to leave her there every day. Then, one afternoon, she went to pick her up and was astounded by what she saw.

Alice and her husband, both former Marines, picked the facility since it was accredited, convenient to their place of employment, and close to the University of Arizona, where Alice is attending.

But one day, when Alice was preparing to pick up her kid from Creative Beginnings Preschool, she was astounded to see what was on her 15-month-old daughter’s body after a day there.

It frightens her. It feels both furious and sad, Alice Martin explained.

She is now demanding answers after her kid was bitten more than twice at a daycare.

When Alice was changing her daughter’s clothing at home and saw red scars on her back, concealed behind her daughter’s garments, she realized her daughter, Rosalynn, had been hurt.

At first, she wondered if those were truly bite marks. Her brain sort of stopped thinking, and she started bawling, Alice Martin stated.

It’s difficult to say how many there are. The police officer and she discussed a minimum of 25.

According to the Tucson Police Department, cops took an initial report and the Crime Scene Unit photographed the scene. The markings, found in February, are thought to have been made by another youngster, according to investigators. Nobody has been detained as of yet.

One always desired to protect one’s kids, and she didn’t think that happened, Alice remarked.

She felt like she abandoned her with somebody who didn’t care about her at all.

The notion no one interfered in how many minutes, perhaps they were left alone, maybe they ignored the cries, she don’t know, however this type of biting takes some time, and her kid would have been extremely unhappy, Alice remarked.

The Creative Beginning Preschool refused to issue a statement, and the Department of Health stated that it could not comment on ongoing investigations.

The Arizona Department of Health Services sent the following statement concerning the event in May: “ADHS is conducting an investigation into the incident at Creative Beginnings Daycare and is collaborating with local enforcement.” The inquiry is still ongoing, and ADHS is unable to comment on ongoing investigations.”

The mother is now concerned that if nothing is done, the same tragedy that occurred to her daughter would occur to someone else’s kid.

The reality that no one interfered for how many minutes, maybe they were left alone, maybe they just ignored the screams, she is not sure. But that type of biting takes time, and her kid would have been distressed, she explained.

It should go without saying that all forms of child abuse are repugnant, unnatural, and an inexcusable violation of trust. We must do all possible to be attentive to suspected incidents of child abuse across the world, and operations like this one must continue to operate.

The world will always be hazardous, but it is our responsibility to make it as safe as possible for our kids. Taking a tough position against any sort of child abuse must be done now and in the future.

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