Mom Livid At Finding Out Colleague’s Pasta Sauce Recipe Contained Wine As She Served It While Babysitting Her 8 Y.O. Kid.

The tale we like to tell you today appears to be not entirely about friendship between individuals, but rather about how simple it is to shatter that very connection. And we have no doubt that the individuals in this story were friends; presumably, the colleague would not have trusted the author of the article with her own child. Scroll down to read the whole story to know why this woman was upset with her friend and share your thoughts on this.

Source: Reddit

As a special favor, I babysat my coworker’s 8 year old son the other evening. The kid asked for pasta and red sauce for dinner, so I made a really great tomato/red wine/sausage sauce recipe I know. He absolutely loved it.

A couple days later, my coworker told me that her son hasn’t stopped raving about the pasta dish I served him, and asked for the recipe, which I gladly gave her. Upon reading it, she got really angry, and said that it was totally inappropriate for me to serve a child wine sauce. I told her that the alcohol almost entirely boils off when the sauce simmers, but she said that she does not want her kid consuming any amount of alcohol, and that I was really irresponsible for not asking her permission first. Before babysitting, I asked if her son had any food allergies/dietary restrictions, and she said no. When I mentioned this to her after she got upset at me, she said that it’s common sense to not feed someone else’s kid something with alcohol in it without asking permission.

When I was little (I’m in my early 30s, so I’m not that old), all of us kids grew up eating red wine tomato sauce, penne alla vodka, meats with wine sauce, tiramisu, fruitcake, etc., and nobody would have ever thought to ask parents’ permission before serving such dishes to someone else’s kid. I don’t think this is a generational thing, none of my friends with kids would have a problem with it either. Is my coworker being weird, or was I the A-hole?

(BTW, the coworker isn’t of a religion that prohibits alcohol — I have had drinks with her on several occasions.)

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