Mom of 10 is raising her biological son and adopted twins as triplets – “Don’t tell them they’re not”

A mother of ten explained how she is parenting her biological son and his twin brothers as triplets – and that if they aren’t, the boys will “tear you apart.”

Alicia Dougherty, the matriarch of the Dougherty Dozen, made people laugh when she published the news on her TikTok page, owing to the fact that the children are of all ethnicities and heights.

The boys are all the same age and in second grade, which is equivalent to year three in the UK.

@doughertydozen Reply to @iluvb3nadryl Don’t tell them they’re not Triplets or they will tear you apart 🤣 #Triplets ♬ Hey Brother – Avicii

And we can’t think of three more proud siblings.

Alicia, who had adopted six kids and given birth to four, was replying to a question about her “triplets.”

Their adopted twins and biological son were born in 2014, are in second grade, and have been raised as triplets for the most of their lives, she explained. Don’t tell them they’re not triplets or they’ll rip you apart, she continued.

People were eager to compliment Alicia and the boys, who appeared to be completely dedicated to each other.

“Regardless of skin tone, you can tell how much love they have for each other… “Triplets for life,” one individual said.

“Look how happy they are!” said another. “What lovely triplets!”

“They can be whatever they want!!!!!” another person said.

Alicia earlier stated that she had been mocked for her massive brooding but had disregarded it.

She stated that individuals are constantly posting on her videos claiming they dislike our grins. She suppose she is biased, but she believes they’re all correct.

Happiness stems from the realization that they are worthy of being their actual, honest selves.

They are aware of the hostility. But they dismiss it. Since they know it stems from the anxieties and triggers of others.

She thanked everyone who has checked in on them over the last two weeks, since they have been heavily trolled by disgruntled, insecure individuals.

She guarantees that they all are good.

Alicia refreshes her famous Instagram sites on a daily basis.

She was also chastised when she displayed her food collection.

Trolls criticized a weekly shopping trip that included 25 bananas, 12 pounds of chicken, and 191 packs of chips.

The entire cost of the mountainous food shop was $1,094, totaling a whopping $56,000 food bill.

The following will last them for approximately one week plus she had to acquire things for the boy’s football party later today, she added in the brief film. 

She kept moving her camera around the massive mounds of food, detailing everything she had bought.

She explained, some munchies, including 191 packets of chips. Bread for the week, as well as a couple boxes of cereal. Dairy for the week, including 14 pounds of cheese, lunchables, coffee, canned goods, and meat, including 12.5 pounds of chicken. 6 pounds of spaghetti plus a few more miscellaneous items.

Alicia and Josh revealed in an interview in 2018 that all six of their adopted children have behavioral challenges and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), making family life more difficult.

Although they were unaware of this when they adopted their first son Alex, who was four years old at the time, the parents immersed themselves into assisting him and went on to help additional children with “difficult habits.”

“We were renowned as the parents who could manage the challenging behaviors,” Alicia explained, and the power couple now shares details about their chaotic family life on TikTok and Instagram.

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