Mom Asks If She Was Wrong To Refuse To Let Her Stepdaughter Use Her Deceased Daughter’s Wedding Dress.

We frequently like or feel attracted to specific things and objects because of their emotional worth. They hold memories of people, places, and events from our life. Consider how precious and priceless a wedding gown worn by a daughter who sadly died at an early age is to a mother. Read the story and what do you think is the mother wrong for not wanting to give her that dress?

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I’ll try my best to explain the situation and make sure to present both sides.

I (f49) met my stepdaughter Zoey 2.5 years ago. I married her father less than 5months ago. It was a small and private celebration since that’s what we felt was the best thing to do since I’m still grieving my daughter Lauren who passed away from sepsis at the age of 26. It was so sudden. She was doing okay and was getting ready for her wedding that was supposed to happen the same month she passed away. We still don’t know what went wrong. We were devastated to say the least. Her fiance had a hard time adapting to the new normal. I still have contact with him. We’re very close.

I took most of her belongings including her wedding dress. We bought it together and she put a lot of her touches on it. Worked hard on it. Although it hurts to look at it. I make sure it’s safe.

Zoey’s younger than Lauren. She’s 23. We’re not very close and distance is one of the reasons why. But we’re very respectful towards each other. The issue started when Zoey visited to talk about her wedding in april. We were talking about wedding dresses and she suddenly brought up Lauren’s wedding dress. I asked her what about it and she said she saw it several times and it got stuck on her mind. Asked if she could see it and I let her.

She then said she’d like to wear it at her wedding. I felt uneasy. I told her I wasn’t sure that was a good idea. She told me it’s fine she’ll have to change a few things in it so it can fit her size and style but this is why I had a hard time accepting. I told her I was sorry but I can’t let her have it. She offered me money but its sentimental value is what matters to me. She argued saying I was making things complicated and it was alright since she too is my daughter. She Asked if I don’t love her as much. I told her my love for her is different but she threw a fit calling me unfair and unreasonable to still say no.

Her dad got involved in the argument saying he doesn’t see why I’m against it. I declined to discuss it anymore but they kept bringing it up asking if my daughter would’ve wanted someone else to have the opportunity to wear this dress since she unfortunately couldn’t. This made me so mad I lashed out at both of them and kept saying no. Others said that I had no right to act like that; leaving the dress in the closet when my stepdaughter can make good memories with it. But she said she’s planning on changing its look. What should I do?

What would you do in her situation? Any advice. Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted:

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