Mom Refused to Take Her Son Off Life Support and Continued Praying Until She Heard ‘Mom’

Bobby was known by all as a happy, active youngster who constantly made others smile. He attended Sam Barlow High School in Gresham, Oregon, and he enjoyed football.

Bobby was having a good time and had no clue how a vehicle accident would flip his life upside down. The adolescent had no idea he would soon go into a coma and not be able to open his eyes for days.

Bobby drove back to his dad’s house after having a fantastic night at his friend’s place and was parking his car in the driveway when something unexpected happened. On June 27, 2017, a few minutes after midnight, the unimaginable occurred.

The Asa family’s biggest dread came true when a vehicle collided with Bobby’s automobile as he approached the driveway. After realising what had occurred to her younger brother, his sister, Lexie Asa, phoned 911.

First responders got at the accident scene a few minutes later and discovered an unconscious Bobby in the backseat of his automobile. They took him to the nearest hospital without delay.

Lexie, on the other hand, instantly alerted her mom, Heather, about the terrible occurrence. The children’s mom lived an hour away from their dad’s house, and when her daughter called, she quickly went to the hospital.

She didn’t know what else to do but pray, Heather explained. While travelling to the hospital, she couldn’t stop worrying about her kids. Her memories of her children flashed before her eyes.

Later that night, the Asa family paid a visit to Bobby, who was in a coma at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland, Oregon. Over the years seeing people this gravely damaged, he didn’t see how there could be a positive outcome, said paramedic Lt. Chris Baird, who examined Bobby shortly after the tragedy.

While his family hoped for him to open his eyes, the physicians did their utmost to treat Bobby’s wounds. Bobby’s paralysis was even anticipated by the medical professionals if he lived.

After seeing Bobby in the ICU for more than a week and putting him on a ventilator, the doctors gave the family various alternatives. Some physicians recommended surgery, while others advised Bobby’s family to remove him from life support.

The doctors feared the adolescent wouldn’t live since he wasn’t reacting to anything, yet Heather had a different opinion. She stated that she had a feeling Bobby was going to improve.

Heather declined to remove her son from life support and instead instructed the physicians to continue with the tracheotomy. She had a feeling her kid wouldn’t spend the rest of his life in bed, so she started praying for him to open his eyes.

Soon after, Heather and her family gathered a group of friends to join them outside the hospital for a prayer vigil, where they prayed for Bobby’s healing. Heather expressed her realization at the time. She have to hand everything up to God.

The mother hoped that her trust in God would aid in the recovery of her son. She also thought that her son would not abandon her if “the moment was not right.” Heather longed for a miracle with her three girls.

Lorelle Asa, Bobby’s sister, stated, she didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, two weeks after the tragedy, everything changed when the small kid began reacting.

When Bobby heard his sister’s voice, he would sometimes move his head, while other times he would move an arm or an elbow. These small gestures gave his family a lot of hope.

Doctors admitted Bobby to rehab four weeks after the event because his health had improved. He’d begun to respond but hadn’t uttered anything until the day he exclaimed, “Mom!”

Heather admitted that after hearing her kid speak, she burst into tears. Bobby was in rehab for another six weeks, acquiring fundamental living skills including walking, eating, and using his limbs. In October, the physicians let him to go home.

Every day, she look at Bobby, and he is a living, talking miracle, Heather said. Witnessing Bobby resurrect reinforced the family’s faith in God.

Bobby had to learn a lot of new things after coming home before returning to high school in March. Because he couldn’t hold a pencil with his right hand, he drew with his left hand in his spare time. He also needed a walking assistance to get about.

Bobby stayed at home for around five months, but a tutor came to see him on a daily basis, so he didn’t miss any of his high school classes. He went back to school, but just twice a week.

He is not going to let anything get in his way, Bobby declared. He was willing to do everything to go back to his routine, and he was glad that God had given him a second chance at life.

Bobby’s experience exemplifies how prayers may make a difference. Share this tale with your loved ones to provide them with encouragement on a daily basis.

The Power of a Family's Faith

Bobby was unresponsive after a violent car crash. His family’s prayers and unwavering faith kept them strong as they spoke life over their dying son and brother. Watch more:

Posted by The 700 Club on Friday, 19 July 2019

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