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Mom Sexually Assaulted Daughter’s Young Friends During Sleepovers, Gets Sentenced To Up To 102 Yrs In Prison.

Christina Greer, a Nebraska mom of two, appeared in court after being accused of sexually abusing her young daughter’s pals at her house during weekend sleepovers in 2017 and 2018, when the parent was supposedly 34 to 35 years old. Greer’s daughter was just 11 years old at the time, and Greer allowed her to spend the night with two male friends, ages 12 and 13.

Greer, unfortunately, had terrible motives. Greer sexually abused the young boys and her own 11-year-old daughter after reportedly supplying them with beer and marijuana candy. She was originally detained after police got an allegation that she had been having sex with one of the boys for many months in 2017.

A Sarpy County sheriff’s officer questioned the youngster. According to the deputy’s evidence, the 13-year-old kid acknowledged to having intercourse with Greer three times between September and December 2017 at her residence near the Chalco Hills Recreation Area, but much more was about to be revealed.

The constable and Greer’s daughter both recognized up to six young teenagers or preteens who spent the weekend at Greer’s residence on a regular basis. Then, in January 2019, another boy came forward with similar allegations, bringing the total number of minors preyed on by Greer to seven, and a child enticement charge was added to her long list of charges.

The victims and the woman’s daughter were not named because they were minors, but the girl testified against her mother in court, claiming Greer instructed her not to tell anybody about the assaults at their house because Greer would be in jail and lose her kids if she did. Greer’s daughter also stated that she heard her mom and one guy kissing in her mother’s bedroom.

According to Sarpy County Deputy Attorney Phil Kleine, another youngster claimed that the daughter said the male was having sex with her mother at the time. Prosecutors claim Greer urged the kids to erase evidence from their phones and not tell anyone about their sexual interactions, but investigators discovered sexually graphic images of Greer on one of the boys’ phones, according to court records.

Unfortunately, it took years for justice to be served. Greer’s trial was postponed multiple times due to defense petitions, but she ultimately learned her destiny years later, after three hours of deliberation, when a Sarpy County jury rendered their decision.

Christina Greer was found guilty of three charges of first-degree sexual assault on a child, six counts of felony child abuse, and two counts of witness tampering. Greer was sentenced to 64 to 102 years in prison after being found guilty on 11 felony charges related to child sexual assault and abuse during alcohol-fueled sleepovers with young teenagers and even preteens.

According to Nebraska sentence rules, Greer must spend 32 years in jail before becoming eligible for release. The revelation upset the mother, who burst into tears in court. Greer, who was weeping in court, said she was so embarrassed and sorry for what had transpired. She said that it is her responsibility as a mother to safeguard her kids and recognized that she had “failed.”

The predatory parent has not elicited any pity. Rather, Sarpy County Deputy Attorney Phil Kleine chastised Greer for her actions, offering a bleak picture of the long-term consequences for her victims. Having sex with an adult female is thought of as ‘that’s the cool kid of the group,’ Kleine observed, but immediately added, But that’s not the case in these situations. They’ve been tormented and have changed schools many times.

Kleine continued that it’s just terrible that they have to continue coping with it, after noting that the victims were now older and that one of them just got a driver’s license, and that it’s something they’ll have to deal with for the rest of their lives. Because of what she did to them, any relationship will have trust issues, he stated.

In terms of the punishment, Kleine said that after the harrowing ordeal for the families and the victims, which lasted years, they’re immensely pleased. It’s been an emotional roller coaster, he continued. He is just so proud of the victims in this case for being able to keep on track and testify.

Kleine is correct. These kids will have to live with the effects of Christina Greer’s conduct for the rest of their lives; hence, she deserves a life sentence. Christina Greer, who was sentenced to 64 to 102 years in prison, will never see the light of day as a free woman, and that is precisely what she deserves. Other parents have placed their kids in the care of this mom, and that is a precious trust that should not be breached.

This monster not only enticed them with drink and drugs, but she also robbed them of their innocence by sexually abusing them. It’s a terrible world we live in when we can’t let our child spend the night with a friend without fear of being victimized by another mother. To be honest, a person who would do such a thing does not deserve to be free, and we’re delighted that the court seems to agree.

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